Sands In Time Episode 14: Love and Rage

In episode 14, Joshua channels in another figure from the Hailiorea book series, Michael Vistaer. Vistaer tells one of his stories involving a battle against the tyrannical global union, Tehlasrin.

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Sands In Time Episode 10: Backstory – August Cross

In this episode Joshua gives us some background information on August Cross. Cross was / will be the founder of Aswain and one of the key figures in the free world’s fight again the evil, corrupt, global union, Tehlasrin.

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Sands In Time Episode 9: Hailiorea Groups and Technology

Even with all the news worthy current events going on, Joshua uses this episode to talk a bit about Hailiorea lore and history. He channels an inventor from his world named Mike Taft who gives insight and information about several of the fantastic inventions he helped create.

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Sands In Time Episode 4: The Dark Union

Much to his dismay and discomfort, in this episode Joshua channels the thoughts and desires of one of the Global Union, Tehlasrin’s sinister controllers. The recording gives us a glimpse into the minds of the authoritarian monsters who dreamt of ruling, dominating and controlling all aspects of the world.

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Mr. Clark’s Neighborhood (part 1a)

The Land of Imperviax – One silver ounce

The front of the coin reflected the dim light as it had done over a hundred times until being mindlessly turned again so the back could have another chance to shine.

Free and Blessed, All of Us – 1212, Second Cycle

The music playing in the background grew louder. That, added with the drunken, boisterous laughs and hollers of the bar’s patrons was almost enough to jolt Jeremy Sebastian away from his thoughts, but not quite.

Impervia, he thought. The name was one of the first words he remembered learning. The shiny coin had been his for as long as he could remember. It was his first gift, given to him by his mother before his brain had developed long-term memory. He turned it again and again, over and over, wondering the same things he’d wondered for several spells of time at a go, every week of his twenty-two years of life.

What was Imperviax? The Land of Imperviax? Was it a kingdom like the old, rotting books described? Books that had come from somewhere far beyond the neighborhood. He swallowed, staring deeper at the coin. Was it a modern city? Did its people travel through space? What were the people like? Were they like us? Are we their descendants? Or were they alien? Perhaps beings from another solar system, another universe or another dimension.

All he knew for sure was that the coin was one of a kind, the only of its like in the neighborhood. Mr. Clark had personally told his mother that. Sadly, that was all he told her. Or at least, that was all she told Jeremy she was told.

“Pass me a cigarette.”

Jeremy finally broke from his daze and turned to look at his friend, Katie Lark. Her long hair stood straight up, jutting from the top of her head like an outrageous cone. It was colored green today. Her guitar was slung over her shoulder, the sight of which brought to his attention the band was taking a break. The music had paused.

Putting the coin away, Jeremy pulled two cigarettes out of their box and handed one to the woman before flicking his lighter to life and bringing the flame first to the tip of her smoke and then his own.

“Thanks.” She said after exhaling. She swigged a drink from her glass of what looked like black ale. “We’re starting our next set soon. You have any requests?” She looked around. “Looks like everyone else here is too drunk to care or even know the difference no matter what we play.”

Jeremy smiled before taking the time to really look around the place. He’d been at the bar more times than he could count so everything was as familiar as the back of his hand. Tonight, he’d been sitting in the same chair for over two hours, thinking and remembering. He finally realized how packed it was. Scanning the familiar faces as best he could, it became instantly clear there wasn’t a stranger in the lot. There were hardly ever any strangers in the neighborhood. Everyone was the same as he remembered, no one new, no oddities, nothing unknown. He reached into his pocket and felt the coin again. As usual, it was the only mystery in the neighborhood.

Newcomers arrived maybe once or twice each solar return. Whenever they showed up, his mother always met with them and she was sure to bring him along with her. He knew everything she, Julia Sebastian, thought necessary for him to know. Maybe it was everything she knew, maybe it wasn’t. She was his mother, his teacher, his protector and his guide. The knowledge she made sure to pass on were the names and identities of every person, every family and every group in the neighborhood. It was her job to know and Jeremy needed to know it was his job as well.

“Hey!” Katie called. “What’s up with you?”

“Lots.” Jeremy replied. “Sorry. Play what you like. It all sounds great to me.”

“Yea, sure.” She shot back with a snort. “You’re not even drinking? What’s wrong? Get a drink or something.”

He smiled. “Nah. I have to work, tonight and again tomorrow.” And every day from then on. He thought.

“What?” She didn’t need to speak the word, the expression on her face could ask the question on its own. “Work? That’s your mom’s job. She’s the sentry, not you. Not until…” She stopped herself and took another puff from her cigarette.

Jeremy pondered speaking, not only whether or not to but also what and what not to say, should he choose to produce any words. That was until there was a sudden crash in the back of the bar, near the pool tables. He was instantly on his feet, working his way through the crowd toward the sound which now included shouting and cursing.

“You fucking Valades!” A man bellowed from the deepest pit of his liquor filled stomach. “I’m so sick of your shit! Your whole clan is evil.”

Jeremy moved closer and made himself recognizable to the two sparing men, Karth Foote and Alez Valade. Studying them, he knew it was an even match, both in size and drunkenness.

Alez picked up his thick beer glass and jutted it out toward Karth who was armed with a cue stick. “Jehrahmee,” he slurred, “get yer mom. This Foote mother fucker is pissing me off.”

“We don’t need the sentry!” Karth stated. “We can settle up, here an’ now!”

Jeremy stepped between the men, confidently yet reluctantly. “What’s going on? I won’t let you two hurt each other.”

Karth pleaded his case first. “Damn Valades. They put a hex on my brother. He’s been haunted for a day and a half. Nightmares and shit flying all around his house.”

Jeremy looked at Alez with raised eyebrows. “That true?”

“I dunno!” Alez shrugged. “I s’pose. But his brother slept with Strike’s girl.”

“That doesn’t warrant a curse.” Jeremy stated. “Back down and cool off. I’ll visit Strike tomorrow.”

Karth spat. “No! Tell your mum to see him now. Punish that bastard!”

“I said tomorrow.” Jeremy said, coolly after turning to Karth. “It’s late and I’m not even sure where Strike is.”

“No good!” Karth shook his head. “Not fair! My bro can’t even sleep! He’ll miss work again tomorrow.” He stepped closer to Jeremy. “Get Julia to fix this or I’ll blow this prick to bits!”

By now, Karth had a small group of supporters behind him. They were angrier, drunker and rowdier than they should’ve been. The hoots, calls and comments from them showed their growing unease. Cursing was especially frowned upon and few families did it better than the Valade clan.

Alez tried to help. “Hey! Heeeyyy!” He put his beer glass down and raised his hands. “I’ll talk to ‘im, talk to Strike as soon as I see ‘im too. I’ll get him to pull it back.”

“NOT GOOD ENOUGH!” Karth hissed. “NOW!”

Jeremy turned his full attention to Karth and the men and women behind him. “Turn around and calm down. I said it’ll be handled tomorrow.”

Someone behind Karth, a woman, Sara Blime, scoffed. “What do you know, boy! Go tell your mom, now!”

“Tomorr -” Jeremy started before being interrupted.

“Say tomorrow one more time and I’ll bust your head open!” Karth threatened.

Vax, a man standing next to Sara, spoke up. “He’s not gonna get his mom. Bash the little prick!”

With that the small mob attacked. Jeremy was outnumbered nine to one. The nine didn’t stand a chance.

The threat, the danger, triggered the essence inside Jeremy. Drawing in the light, the power of protection, granted to his blood line generation after generation, he stood his ground. Karth brought the cue stick down hard toward his head. It shattered an inch before reaching his scalp. Blossoming with righteousness, Jeremy grabbed Karth’s wrist and twisted. The drunken man’s body followed the turn, completely uplifted, hefted off his feet before crashing down to the floor, landing hard on his face.

The others pressed.

Jeremy summoned a known power that saturated the ground around him with the heat of divine light. Those with enough sense had backed off. The eight attackers were too blind and stupid to do the same. Their feet and legs paid the price, feeling the burning sting. They cried and cursed. Five fell, three continued their foolish ambush.

With a sharp exhale, as Julia, his mother had taught him, Jeremy produced an ethereal shield of light that emanated from his left forearm. Charging the three, the shield rammed the remaining group, easily knocking them unconscious and to the floor to join their writhing friends.

The futile and easily avoidable skirmish was over in seconds.

“Gods!” Katie said after rushing up to Jeremy’s side.

“I thought only your mom could do that.” One of her band mates, Greg said.

Jeremy looked at both of them in turn. “My mother died. I’m the sentry now.”


The Patient Adoring Protector

It’s nearly time. I can feel it. Almost. He’s almost home. I can almost hear Him, almost… smell Him.

He left when it was still dark outside. I ate MY food and slept on MY bed (and His bed, and the couch and the other bed). I protected OUR citadel, patrolled OUR territory’s perimeter again and again, exiting and entering through MY portal. It’s a thankless job but I’m absolutely pleased and honored to have the privilege to perform it. Before, in the old citadel, He and I used to live in, I couldn’t go outside at my discretion. I couldn’t protect our possessions from dangerous people and beasts. Now, by His grace, I’m free to protect our land.

The Sun has been up for a long time now and it feels like it was ages ago when I heard the large, moving, yellow houses on wheels pass along the road, dropping off loud, little people. I warned them to keep their distance, over and over and over again. Stay back and keep away! This territory is MINE and His. Well, we share it with that Lady and the two small people he lets stay here. They’re not bad, fun even. From time to time that Lady can be cruel though. She orders me, like I’m a SLAVE, to move from comfortable positions when I wasn’t doing anything wrong. She’s also kicked me and stepped on me a few times. Each time she says she’s sorry and tells Him it was an accident but I’m not sure. I suppose she’s ok with me if she’s ok with Him. The Lady does provide additional food rations to me every now and then while preparing meals for the smaller people. The gifts may be given either intentionally or by clumsy accident but I don’t care. The morsels taste much better than my regular rations.

Lady and the two small ones have been back for a while now. He’s usually here shortly after. It’s time, I KNOW it. It’s been difficult but I’ve learned patience. I don’t know why He leaves or where He goes, but I know it’s important. Whatever He does has to be for OUR benefit.

You see, He’s my leader but we’re friends and partners bound by love, honor and duty. I protect Him, His Lady and the two small ones under His care. In turn, He provides me rations, gifts and joy… blissful, gushing, uncontrollable joy. I know much of that joy is returned and He truly appreciates it. I see the looks and smiles He, that Lady and the others give me. He embraces me with warm reassurance, rubbing MY sore muscles and doing away with the day’s pains, rewards for the hard work I do everyday. He talks to me a lot and I’m still trying to fully grasp His language but I’ve heard Him say things like, “She’s the most loyal protector I’ve ever known.” Or, “Good job!” As much as I can decipher, he’s told me and that Lady that He and I formed a powerful bond from the days I was a young one, that we chose each other. We understand each other. Even though I was meant to be His daughter’s first protector, when He starting living in His own citadel, He thankfully took me with Him and allowed me to serve. Now, here, with Him, that Lady and the two small ones, I have four people to protect.

Like I said, it’s not always easy. Invaders from all sorts of lands constantly try to attack. Some grow oh so close to trespassing, advancing right up to OUR citadel’s block wall border. Other’s boldly march right up to the large portal He, that Lady and the two small ones use to enter and exit. Yep! Right up to the portal before either trying to knock it down by beating on it or by emitting an annoying, ear piercing ringing sound in sequences of two quick tones: Ding-Dong! There have been times… hold on while I fight to compose myself… breathe deep… There have been times when the invaders actually enter the citadel!!! Far be it from me to disagree with His judgement but… He and that Lady actually allow the invaders to enter! I warn them, over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and then again… GET THEM OUT! They’re the worst and most dangerous when they move!!! I love my job but it’s not easy. Even He’s wrong sometimes. He’s lucky I’m here. I eventually fend them off every time.

One time, to my blood-lust filled, rage induced horror, an enemy beast entered the citadel through use of MY portal! This was one of the darkest times of my life. You see, He was away for days, making me believe He’d never return, leaving me to protect only that Lady and the two small ones. I thought He might never return. Depressing as it were, one night, while that Lady was sleeping, I heard my portal activate with it’s gate flapping back and forth “thwft, thwft, thwft.” The two small ones were away as well, leaving just that Lady and me. I was near her bed and immediately investigated the sound. Rounding the corner and through the doorway, there it was. The Beast! Huge eyes, pointy ears and long tail. I gave it a series of warnings to retreat, threatening to attack and kill it if it refused to stand down. Every ounce of my being was alive, alert and filled with savage anger. The invader needed to be destroyed! I inched closer as the murderous, savage slinked back into a corner, ready to pounce at any moment, I knew. I growled and gritted my teeth. It was time for WAR! NO ONE invades MY citadel! He left me with the sacred charge to protect it and his Lady! I would NOT fail him!!!


I was just about to attack when that Lady got up and commanded me to stand down. I… I, hmm, I was absolutely dumbfounded. But, in accordance to His desire, I obeyed. Lady did something to the Beast and it scampered away like a gutless coward in the night. The cursed criminal escaped my wrath that night and to this day I still swear VENGEANCE!

However, the violation was mentally set aside when He returned! I never felt such elation (well maybe I felt the same the last time He left me for days). I literally shook, quivering with joy upon his smiling, boisterous return.

Now, as that Lady and the small ones sit around the table talking about some sheets of paper pulled out of the little ones’ bags, I wait again. I wait and wait and wait. Finally, a rumbling sound comes from the place Lady keeps her small, white house on wheels. The giant portal was opening. I know what that means! He’s here! I wait by the secondary portal that Lady, the small ones and He use. He’ll be in any second! Yep, any second… any time now… where the hell is He? I have a full day’s security report to share! *GASP* What was that sound? A rustling sound of something on wheels being drug out. That big box out back where they put their old food! He’s in the back!

I race, as fast as I can go, outside MY portal into the back quadrant of OUR citadel to greet him. WHAT?!?!?! Nothing! He’s not there! Oh My God! He’s GONE! My heart is beating so hard. WHY?!?!

Then I hear that rumbling sound again from the big gate near Lady’s wheeled house again! He’s back where I was! Hurry! HURRY!

I rush back through MY portal. That Lady and the small ones seem to be laughing at me, at my confusion! I’d be hurt or angry but I hear, no… yes! His voice!!!!!!!! He’s here, calling me, “Maggie! Where’s Da Schnauwza? Come here, Dog!”

My feet aren’t fast enough even though I’m fortunate to have four of them, twice as many as everyone else. Run, run, run! There He is, smiling and greeting his pack mates before turning to me. I jump up to stand on my hind feet, stretching, bracing, howling with joy! He reaches down and runs his hands and fingers over my back and head. We’re together again! Another successful day. The world is safe, our loved ones protected, all necessities taken care of. I hope we never part again but, in my limited experience, nothing, nothing ever feels as pure and joyous and our reunion. No need to think on that, though. All sorrows of the past be gone. No need for worries of the future. NOW. Now, everything is perfect. He and I are together again.  In this state of bliss, I’m thankful for His attention, His presence and everything I have the honor and duty to protect.

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