Pope Francis: Anti Free Will, Pro Mob Rule

Pontiff Believes libertarianism is a Risk to the Common Good.

See the linked article from Reason here. It discusses another article from Breitbart in which Pope Francis is quoted stating what he believes are the ‘risks’ of libertarianism.

However high or low your ‘status’ may be, those who’re against
libertarianism are, by default, against freedom, against free will and in favor of aggression. They favor the rule over others by the threat of or the initiation of force. In my book, that’s evil.

True libertarianism, or voluntarism, or anarcho-capitalism is founded and forged by the respect for other peoples’ individual freedoms. We think, write and speak, frying our brains and pouring our souls, to defend each and everyone’s (some say natural, others say moral) rights. Adult individuals are naturally the master, controller and  owner of themselves. If replacing ‘themselves’ with ‘their own physical bodies’ makes this easier to understand then so be it. By result, we’re also the moral, natural rulers, with executive power over our property which is attained by either creating or crafting something out of unclaimed resources or through voluntary exchanges – buying, selling, trading.

We adhere to the non-aggression principle, the NAP. That’s our moral governor, the brain, heart and gut of our own self-governance – don’t hurt others and don’t violate their property. Taking universally preferable behaviors, or UPB, into account also serves as distinguishing good from bad. Without following the NAP and UPB, anyone who claims to be a full blown libertarian is a farce, a fraud, a hypocrite or a direct contradiction to the idea. The NAP, of course, does not exclude self-defense or defense of one’s property which are responses to another person or persons’ aggression (the initiation of force).

Pope Francis is either ignorant of all this, as the Reason article concludes, or he is aware of it and is simply attacking libertarianism because it contrasts his mob rule, egalitarian, perhaps communistic stances. The only outcome a group, society or nation gets out those three stances is a world ruled by others under the threat or pain of force. It becomes a life of little or no choices, little or no competition, a disregard for free will and an outright attack on freedom. His faith in the ‘common good’ is one that would force others to do things with their bodies and property in ways they may not want to. This is true whether or not the forced person has violated the non-aggression principle. Pope Francis, through his ‘common good’ ideal, supports the idea of coercion, force and as a result, punishment, upon innocent people.

Any moral decision toward supporting the respect of others, a drive for peace and a society set by rules of voluntary exchanges (the essence of true NAP and UPB following libertarianism) begins in the individual. We each have an individual brain and must make individual choices. This Pope attacks individualism which is the product of free will. His own stated religion, his own God (unless he’s just a hypocrite himself) supports this. We, humans, are not insects. We don’t hold a hive mind. Our brains are fabulously, beautiful, mysteriously complex instruments. It’s with this brilliant, individual instrument that we can choose to help others, choose to respect others, choose to support peace and choose to love.


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