Hailiorea Cover

This is the first in the Hailiorea series. The name / word is pronounced Hay-Lee-Or-Eye I started working on it back in 2009, finishing the first draft in early 2011 and then self publishing it later that year. I’ve cleaned it up one last time and released it in electronic format. In the process, I’ve also edited the print edition again, fixing a few errors and cleaning up the format a bit.

The story takes place in an unspecified yet not too distant future where corruption, war and despair have all but destroyed the human spirit. We follow the life of Jason Sworn as he fights to escape the misery all while learning about the world and his place in it.



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Enjoy and thanks for your support. All these stories are floating around in my head. I write them down to share with others. The more people check them out, the stronger my drive and greater my ability to write more. Thanks again!