Hailiorea the Clearing

The battle between liberty and tyranny continues in this third and final book of the Hailiorea series. Jason Sworn finally located David after a lengthy, dangerous and puzzling search across a large section of the former United States of America. It didn’t take long after their reunion for it to 618m5nqjxclbecome clear his best friend wasn’t the same man he used to be. Now twisted, murderous and psychotic, David shattered Jason and nearly pulled him down into the dark pits of madness with him forever. Only with the help and guidance of his friends and loved ones was Jason able to save himself from becoming lost. Now he’s prepared to go back home, to the small, free nation of Aswain.

Many dangers and mysteries await Jason and his fellows. The aims of Steven Ark, the last Global Union controller in North America remain unknown and there’s the threat from possessed, blood thirsty men and women who’d become vessels for dark entities. Above all are the sinister motives of the evil, demonic osilea, the arch enemies of all hailiorea.

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