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As an adult, writing fiction is like playing with toys when I was kid. Yep, not much different. I told my first story when I was five years old with the aide of my older brother’s Star Wars action figures – which I systematically mauled and destroyed through blatant carelessness. The plots were simple, I’m sure, nothing more than rehashes of the movies and kids’ shows I’d seen but they were stories nonetheless. As the years went by, the stories grew more complex as I incorporated Transformers, Go-Bots and GI Joe toys to my very own Star Wars assortment – which my younger brother systematically mauled and destroyed through blatant carelessness. Karma? Or just the circle of life? Such are the joys and ironies that come from the honor of being a middle child.

I say joys because the word is perfectly accurate. I loved it, I loved playing, I loved thinking out plots that made my brothers and I feel. There was laughter, pride, intrigue and even hair-raising spookiness every now and then when our playing (which my father called “Banging Plastic”) called for it. I loved it so much because of the joy that came from sharing the ideas, images and situations floating through my head. I still love it. Creating, sharing and writing stories is what I’m supposed to do. It is my… DESTINY.

I’m going to keep writing for the rest of my years. I want to and am going to share my ideas, images and situations with you for as long as I’m able. The tabs here have info on each of my books. Give it time and let’s watch the list grow.

Feel free to contact me and let me know what you think or let me know if you’re interested in getting updates and freebies every so often. Email lists are still a very real, very personal and very productive outlet for keeping up to date!