For A Better Tomorrow: The Hailiorea Trilogy

Finally, the entire Hailiorea trilogy (Hailiorea, Hailiorea Revolt and Hailiorea the Clearing) is now available in this one book.

Freedom or tyranny? Step by step, that’s the choice we each make every day. Will tomorrow and the years to come be bright with prosperity or filled with darkness?
Consider the completed foretelling of Jason Sworn, a man from our possible, not too distant future, who’s searching for freedom in a near hopeless, dystopic world. His story details a journey from imprisonment in a hellish asylum to the opportunity to help those fighting against evil and aggression. Along the way he struggles to learn trust, love, loyalty, forgiveness, understanding of his own strength, and the extent of friendship.



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Print Copy $29.99: For A Better Tomorrow paperback

Ebook Copy $9.49: For A Better Tomorrow Ebook