Fake Checked News

Sayings like fake news, alternative facts, discredited media and fact checking are all phrases most of us have become quite familiar with. Information is everywhere. It’s all around us, grabbing our attention, catching our eyes and perking our ears. Overall, that’s a good thing. It’s generally good to be informed. On the downside, the levels of ridicule, anger, name calling, doubt and confusion with all that information and specifically, the media, is perhaps at the highest level it’s ever been.

Hold tight, dear reader! Don’t despair! It’s not all bad, I promise. A lot of this stuff serves as a tremendous breeding ground for comedy. That’s where Fake Checked News comes in. Here you’ll find 100 funny, satirical and entertaining mini news articles that hold just enough of a semblance of being believable that they don’t completely fall off the cliff of absurdity. The book is a quick, fun read you, you’re friends and you’re loved ones are sure to enjoy.

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