First off, thanks for visiting my website. Secondly, I think it’s fair to say I enjoy writing. Sharing and investigating ideas along with drafting interesting fiction are passions of mine. It’s work but it’s all fun and fulfilling. I love it. There’s a great joy that comes from combining the imagination with aspects of human nature to produce interesting stories and characters. An even greater joy comes from sharing my works with others. So, again, let me thank you for visiting and looking at what I have to offer. Here you have access to information on novels I’ve written along with blog posts, vlogs, memes and podcasts.

A little about me. I was born in Detroit, Michigan and now live outside Phoenix, Arizona with my wife, daughter, stepson and stepdaughter. Oh, let’s not forget my furry companion, Maggie.  Time is finite, of course, but I plan to share as many ideas, thoughts and stories with the world as possible. I’m a writer, it’s what I do. Your support, comments, criticisms and reviews mean a lot and are most definitely the wind in my sails.

My blogs are on a variety of topics that interest, entertain, perplex, amuse and confuse me. Writing is fun and so is reading. So, go ahead, look around and enjoy.

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