Hailiorea The Clearing – DONE! Ebook Discounts!

Well, after a brief hiatus from writing while I was in the middle of the third and perhaps final novel in the Hailiorea series, Hailiorea The Clearing, I’m very happy to announce the book is complete and available via both paperback and Ebook!

In celebration of its release, I’ll be offering a discounted price on the first two in the series between 10/17 and 10/23. Prices will start at $0.99 for both (75% off) and then increasing by a dollar every couple of days until the sale ends. I hope a lot of people are able to take advantage of the sale.

I have a goal, in case you were wondering. It sounds both simple and incredibly daunting depending on whatever mood I’m in… 15,000 sales in 15 months. Doable? I think so but it sure won’t be easy. Your help makes all the difference. Like, share, spread the word. Help me reach and rock that goal!